We believe in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible world for all.

Our Nurseries

This year, Tops Day Nurseries is thriving and reaching new heights. Since its humble beginnings in 1990, when a small nursery in Parkstone cared for just 4 children, we’ve grown into a vibrant family of nurseries across the south, with more than 4,000 children receiving our exceptional care and education.

In her own words, founder and managing director Cheryl Hadland eloquently states, ‘Today, we have over 4,000 children attending over 30 nurseries, a huge range of parent benefit and holiday clubs, providing care, education, and entertainment to thousands of children aged 0-5.’ As she looks forward, Cheryl’s commitment to our mission of nurturing the next generation and creating a positive impact in the lives of countless young minds remains stronger than ever.

Parent stories

My daughter went to several different nurseries and she was not happy so we swapped to another and we found Tops Day Nurseries in Bournemouth Charminster. She loves being there.


What makes Tops different?


With opening hours, from 6am-8pm including bank holidays, it means we are here when you need us. Offering Education & Care with 15-minute intervals, so you only pay for the childcare you need. (Available at the majority of our nurseries but not all.)

The Environments

Particular pride is provided for our sustainable outdoor and indoor environments. Each Tops Day Nursery has natural, sustainable, rich and vibrant environments, custom-built to encourage your children's safe exploration, learning and discovery.


At Tops, all children have a key person responsible for every aspect of their ongoing development. Follow and contribute to your child’s learning journey with the eyLog app for web and mobile.

How Tops makes a difference

Watch our video introduction:

Keeping Focus

Research shows that having bright colours on the walls can be overwhelming for children, reducing their ability to concentrate and learn. All Tops Day Nurseries have been specially designed with neutral walls to help your children focus on learning through play.

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