4 things to do in the snow!

When it snows outside it can often be tricky to think of things to do. But snow is a great way to allow children to explore the ever-changing landscape! Here are few ideas for ways the children can have great fun in the snow.

  1. Snow Sculptures

Let Children’s minds take them beyond a snowman or snow angel. You can make a number of different things out of snow. Try asking your children to make an animal or even a mini snow town!

  1. Snow Dens

Snow Dens are a great way for children to play and build together. Building a snow den is a great way for children to help further their gross motor skills!

  1. Snow Balls

Snowballs are a great way to allow children to take risks. Children will often have snowball fights with each other which also allow children to run and exercise. As well as snowball fights children can use snowballs to create different things such as a caterpillar or even a tower! They can even use snowballs to play target games!

  1. Snow Pictures

Snow is a great way for children to be able to take in what they can see and describe it.  Children can also imagine what might be hidden under the blanket of snow. Children can expand their imagination and paint what they saw when they were out in the snow!


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