50% off on selected hours every week at Tops Day Nurseries!


Some of our nurseries offer last minute 50% Off Bookings. This is a special offer available between specific hours each week at a reduced rate. The hours on offer will vary from week to week as they will depend on the number of staff and children we have in each room. These hours are a fantastic, low-cost way to top up your standard hours, on weeks when you need a little extra help.

Any hours that will be available will be emailed to all parents the week before, giving them the chance to contact the nursery to book.
These hours will be available on a first come first served basis. Booking any of these additional hours does not alter the type of booking currently in place, these hours are available in addition to any regular booked hours/booking pattern and cannot be swapped with any bookings already made.

Please note that terms and conditions do apply to all types of booking and that each nursery may differ slightly in what they are able to offer. Please contact your nursery for more information.

To find your local Tops Day Nursery, please click here.

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