52 Improvements, 52 Weeks – Popsicles

One of the effects of climate change is that our summers are now hotter.  Ice Lollies are lovely ways to cool down colleagues and the children.

We have ordered 720 Joyoldelf Popsicle Moulds – £9.59 for 6 from Smile Amazon so that every nursery can have 24.   The bigger nurseries may need more moulds, please just order them directly using your staff welfare or toys budget on Smile Amazon.  Due to arrive at head office on 2/7/2019, the moulds will be with you imminently, we do hope you enjoy some popsicles this summer, and in future summers too! Aspire office please order some to go directly to you.

How to use them?

Step 1 – half juice and half water – mix in a large jug  – you can squeeze oranges to make the juice, or liquidise soft fruit if you have a liquidiser or you can chop berries up small and pop into the mould.

Step 2 – pour into moulds

Step 3 – transfer to the freezer – should be frozen within one hour, and ready to serve.

Great for Forest School too –The popsicle moulds with lids ordered provide drip-free cooling snacks inside lunch boxes, even when stored on their sides.   They don’t need sticks, squeeze and suck straight from the silicon moulds.   You then pop them into the dishwasher when you and the children have finished using them, and wash ready to make another batch.  They have a big advantage over shop bought popsicles – no chemicals, additives or additional sugar, just water and the fruit or juice of your choice.



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