52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 18 – Thank you notes

Thank you – what does it mean?

It essentially means ‘I really appreciate that’ and who doesn’t appreciate being thanked. A few minutes out of your day to say thank you to a colleague can have a huge impact, it’s a small gesture that can mean so much.

It’s always lovely to receive a ‘thank you’ and even better when you’re not expecting it. We have ‘thank you’ notes that are available for colleagues to leave for each other and the notes are often found on lockers, on bags and in the staff room. It’s lovely to leave a colleague a thank you note and even more special to receive one. We are currently using up our stock of thank notes and then we will be moving to thank you cards. If you would like to leave a ‘thank you’ note for a colleague help yourself to one from the office and make their day!

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