52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 22 – Potty Training Academy Discount For Staff Children

Potty training is something every parent has to do with their children and it’s not easy! We are using the Potty Training Academy programme in the nurseries, but did you know you can get a staff discount for their products?

In previous generations parents did this when children were between 1 and 2 years old, working hard to read the early signs and “catch” it, but it has gradually crept later. This could partly be because disposable nappies are quite cheap, partly because we lead very busy lives, and partly because it became fashionable to let children take the lead entirely. For some children, the age of becoming potty trained may creep on until they were 4 or even 5, causing problems in pre-school and at school.

Now we know that plastic waste is causing an immense international crisis, and actually, parents can potty train children earlier without putting any undue pressure on children or themselves, and methods such as the Potty Training Academy can really help. The Potty Training Academy has created a pack which includes all the essential elements to encourage and support your little one as they learn, putting some FUN into potty training, plus we’ll be doing the same at work as at home, which will make it all easier.

All you have to do is go to https://pottytrainingacademy.co.uk and order your pack, and/or carry potty, “George and Hollie Potty Training Friends” or “book” and when you order put the coupon code in for Tops staff. This code can be obtained by your nursery manager.

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