52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 3 – Cleaning Products

Changing our cleaning products to non-anti-bacterial products, which is better for ours and our children’s health because it doesn’t destroy the good bacteria as well as the bad, plus, it can be diluted on site with water, saving plastic, and transport of products.

After much research we have learnt than anti-bacterial products are very damaging to our bodies, have been banned in some parts of the world, because it reduces our bodies ability to deal with allergies.  And we all know that the numbers of children with allergies has increased enormously.  Children need some dirt and bacteria to thrive, so all furniture, tables etc. will be cleaned with the new product – but not kitchens where we will continue to use existing products for now.  If there is a nasty virus or bacterial outbreak, we will continue to use steamers – please check your still have a working one!

The new product has to be diluted correctly before use, so all managers are being taught how to do this in January and this will be cascaded to all staff during the end of January and going forwards.

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