52 improvements, 52 weeks: Week 39 – Discounted Love to B Products

In a bid to further extend the eco-sustainability pledge by Tops & Aspire, all setting locations have been equipped with soap on a rope, replacing one-use liquid hand wash bottles.

We are delighted to to be able to offer a 10% discount code to all of our staff on the Love to B range.

These soaps used in Tops and Aspire settings are purchased from Love to b, a “natural, artisan, skincare company” located in the Old Village Bakery in Ringwood, Hampshire. Their soaps are produced in the traditional method of using wooden moulds; the oils and butter are gently mixed, and to add colour and texture, herbs, spices, fruit, botanicals and natural minerals are used. This creates a fun and unusual appearance to the soaps, which encourage the children in our nurseries to touch and explore them (which cleans their hands at the same time!)

“They are so much keener to wash their hands and also love the smell. The rope has not got too messy and is easily cleaned off also.” – Tops Plymouth

“The soaps on a rope have worked really well in our setting with both the staff and children. The smell is amazing and the fact you can hook the soaps onto the taps makes it a lot easier for the children to wash their hands rather than having to reach up to the dispenser. We are going to continue to use these in our setting in the future as we love them so much!” – Tops Lymington

To reassure you of the product the children are using, these are all the ingredients which goes into their products,

  • Nourishing seed, nut, leaf, bark and flower oils: all the oils are first pressed, or steam distilled, and not stripped out using chemicals.
  • Exotic natural spices and plant colours: turmeric, cinnamon, alkanet root, spirulina, wheat grass, madder root are used as natural colourants.
  • Pure essential oils: for their aromatic and aromatherapeutic properties.
  • Naturally derived preservatives (though most products do not need a preservative as there is no water inclusion)

Love to b believe that what is left out of their products is as important as what they put in, therefore you will find no EDTA’s, SLS’s, Parabens, PEG numbers, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, palm oil, paraffin and petroleum based ingredients.

Love to b’s standpoint about palm oil is due to the devastating effect building palm oil plantations is having on the rainforest; not only does the clearance of the forest threaten the unique eco-system and animals that live there, it is also significantly reducing the levels of oxygen produced by the trees which are being cleared.

“Even by using organic palm oil we couldn’t be completely certain we weren’t contributing to the growth of this industry – and we wanted no part in it.”

The Love to b range provides a harmonious balance of natural plant-based oils, botanicals and uplifting aromatics, offering a sensuous and luxurious answer to your skin’s needs. Through our partnership, staff can now take advantage of a 10% discount with a discount code. Please speak to your Nursery Manager if you would like to put in an order.


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