52 improvements, 52 weeks: Week 43 – Discounted childcare for grandparents

We recognise that we have some colleagues who are grandparents, and we would be delighted to have your grandchildren attending our nurseries.

If you are happy to have your grandchildren attend your nursery you are obviously pleased with the quality of care and teaching at the nursery, and pleased with the opportunities provided, but it also gives you the opportunity to feedback on what is going well, and what needs some improvement, knowing that you are also in a position to do something about those things first hand, and this is valuable in helping improve the overall quality of each nursery.  We want you to communicate both good and not good, and for nursery colleagues to take any feedback positively in the interests of every child.

Therefore we have decided to offer a nursery fees discount of 5%  to colleagues with grandchildren attending their nursery, excluding fees paid by a third party such as the government, local authority, employer or children already paying discounted fees such as parents working in the nursery or on NHS discounts.


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