52 improvements, 52 weeks: Week 47 – Death in Service Support

In the event that a colleague should pass away, the company via the Hadland Trust will support the colleagues next of kin with a £1000 contribution towards any financial difficulties or support towards funeral costs/arrangements. A member of the HR team will automatically contact the colleagues next of kin to offer support and relay the option of financial support of £1000 from the Hadland Trust.

The Hadland Group Employee Trust was established in order for colleagues to support each other in financial hardship, life-changing circumstances, times of need, compassionate payment bereavement/funeral costs, life-threatening health issue, equipment for disabled child/partner, outing or trip for a family suffering, emergency costs such as housing, car, injury, additional training costs, or a break/distraction from work or food parcel are some examples of how the trust funds can be allocated. All colleagues are given the opportunity to support the employee trust fund by agreeing to donate 50p each month from their wages, to help fellow colleagues who at times may be less fortunate than themselves.

For more information about the benefits offered to colleagues or about the Hadland Trust, please contact a member of the HR team at hr@topsdaynurseries.co.uk or call 01202 551553 opt 1, opt 3

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