52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 7 – Guaranteed to have your birthday off!

Colleagues have always had the ability to book their birthday off as a holiday, however, after recent feedback from colleagues we are now offering a guaranteed day off either on the day of our birthday, or the next working day, no matter what the time of year, as part of your existing annual leave allowance.

This is specifically significant to Tops colleagues, who aren’t usually permitted to take annual leave in the months of May, June and the first 3 weeks of July, as this is our busiest times in the nursery when we are already stretched.

Just book your holiday off in the normal way but make sure to put that it’s your birthday so that your manager knows to say yes – and please put your request into your line manager as soon as possible in order to help them plan around this – as obviously you will have first priority!


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