52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 8 – Adult bamboo toothbrushes

Tops Day Nurseries were excited to have introduced bamboo toothbrushes across all 27 nurseries over the past year in a bid to continue with our sustainable ethos and removing plastic where possible. Whilst these smaller bamboo toothbrushes are provided for the children, bamboo toothbrushes for adults can be expensive.

We know that looking after your teeth is just as important as the children looking after theirs, so every colleague has the option to request an adult bamboo toothbrush for themselves, free of charge. This to show that we care about your teeth as much as the children’s and for our nursery staff as an extra thank you for doing toothbrushing with the children, we are sure this makes an impact, quite possibly saving them from pain and certainly setting them up with good habits for life.

We can order them in bulk at a trade price and we have just taken delivery of several thousand which we are going to be giving out to all new colleagues in our new “welcome” bags. These are still being designed but will be introduced over the next few months.

Even if you already have an electric toothbrush at home I have found these brushes are light and useful for travelling and those of you working in nurseries could also keep them at the nursery to brush your teeth with the children, or when you feel you’d like to during the day if you want to.

By the way, if you do have to have treatment at the dentist remember that we will contribute towards the cost and we also help with one prescription per year too – just complete a colleague welfare form, attaching a receipt, and pass onto your line manager who will send through to HR in order for them to process onto your next monthly pay.

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