A colleagues guide to Tops re-opening


As of June 1st 2020, Tops Day Nurseries opened to care for more children across the South Coast.

Health and Safety Manager Jo Penn and Operations Director Amy Alderson have been working hard to implement the plans now in place to cater for additional children and colleagues returning to work.

All plans are adapted to suit the individual nurseries and have been created in line with the government guidance on protective measures and safe working & PPE.

There are a number of new processes in place for parents and children, click here to find out more.

Within the early years sector, it is practically impossible for colleagues to social distance themselves from children. If a child needs a cuddle, we will give them a cuddle. We will continue to provide the same high standard level of care, just with extra measures in place. Extra support and guidance has been issued to ensure our colleagues feel safe in the workplace with adequate equipment to support them within their job roles.

Colleagues have been provided with branded hygiene hooks.

The Hygiene Hook Keyring is made from 100% recycled plastic and is designed to prevent the need to touch high traffic areas such as doors, key pad and buzzer entry systems and more, meaning we are limiting the amount of surfaces people come in to contact with. The keyring features a flat stylus tip, finger hole, keyring loop and handy door hook.

Visors and face masks have been provided for colleagues to wear to add an extra level of protection should they wish.


A hand washing station is available in all reception areas to enable colleagues and children to wash hands upon entering the building. Parents have been asked to wait at the door for a member of staff to collect their child, to minimise people coming in and out of the building.

Every member of staff has now been provided with their own Steridose bottles so they are sanitizing areas throughout the day.

Attendance to the setting is restricted as far as practically possible for visitors. Contractors and maintenance staff are not permitted to the nursery unless essential. Where essential visits are required, these are either outside of the usual nursery operational hours or areas of the nursery are accessed when not used or where social distancing can be maintained.

Our Managers and skilled Early Years Teachers have been using their creative skills to re-design rooms and change layouts to enable smaller groups of children to play together, whilst avoiding contact with other groups. Managers have also worked out where possible smaller groups (bubbles) of children within the rooms and also where possible ensuring the same children and staff within these bubbles, to maintain high standards of safety.

Deep cleaning has been implemented daily to ensure furniture, surfaces, children’s toys and equipment, communal area, touchpoints, hand washing facilities and tablets are cleaned and sanitised. All resources required for play and learning experiences of children are regularly washed and/or sterilized in line with hygiene and infection control procedures.

Colleagues will use professional judgement on children struggling to adjust back into nursery and we will need more time to settle back in to the setting. The 2-meter rule still must to be followed and one parent to settle at a time to minimise contact between the parent and other children and staff members. Options can be other rooms used for settling or the garden area dependent on the setting, staff and what works for settling that particular child. Colleagues will be teaching the children about social distancing, using their hands outstretched to give them an idea of distance they should have from others.

We recognise the value of children’s education and look forward to welcoming back more of our families, why not check out our blog on the value of nursery education? Click here to read.

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