A GOOD result for Tops Day Nurseries Christchurch

Staff and Children at Tops Christchurch, located at Priory Hall on Princess Avenue, are pleased to be celebrating a GOOD rating from Ofsted following their recent inspection.

Tops Christchurch Day nursery & preschool are truly passionate about providing a great quality of Early Education and Care for all our children and pride themselves in having a safe, secure and family centred environment.

According to the Ofsted report, ‘Children show high levels of confidence as they arrive in the nursery. They are keen to participate in the activities and they develop their own ideas’

The report also noted that; ‘Staff know the children really well, what they already know and what they need to learn next. Consequently, children make good progress in all areas of their learning and development’.

Strong Relationships

‘Children build strong relationships with their key person, who often moves with the child into the next room to help them settle. In addition, children enjoy making things for their key person, such as drawings. Parents enjoy attending different activities such as Mother’s Day celebrations in the nursery with their children’.

The inspector said, “Staff plan stimulating activities and children are keen to join in and share what they know and understand. Staff talk with confidence about their key children. They use their secure knowledge of the children to make sure that they target what each child needs to learn next and as a result children are well prepared for the next stage in their learning. Parents report that their children’s speech and language skills have improved greatly and they feel that their children are effectively supported and ready for the move to school”.

Local Community

“Staff make good use of the local community. They visit the quay, park and local castle ruins to develop their understanding of the wider world. They celebrate a range of festivals throughout the year, the majority of which link to the children attending to enable children to learn to respect and value others. Staff provide good resources and use additional funding well to enhance children’s learning”.

Kellie Butler, Nursery Manager at Tops Christchurch said, “I am so proud to share this report with everyone, all the staff work so hard and deserve the recognition from this report and I am so proud to be part of a report that reads so well and shows how much we love and care for our children and families. Definitely my proudest moment as a manager to date. Well done to everyone, you should be really proud of yourselves, and I hope our families enjoy the report as much as we do”.

To view a copy of the report please click here

Tops Christchurch are part of a sustainable day nursery chain, Tops Day Nurseries, who have over 30 nurseries across the South and Southwest. Tops Christchurch offers flexible early education and care for children aged 3 months to school age.

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