Sustainable suppliers

Eco Eggs

Tops Day Nurseries have purchased Eco Eggs because at 0.027 per wash instead of .15 (Fairy Non-bio), .19 (Persil non-bio) and Organic .51, we will be spending only a quarter of what we were spending on detergents, this will save Tops Day Nurseries £1215.25 per year.

The eco eggs contain mineral pellets that ionize the oxygen molecules, lifting away the dirt and grime without fading colours of damaging fibres, softening as well, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, bleaches or ammonia’s so it’s a great choice for washing baby clothes and clothes for eczema sufferers or allergy sufferers.  And the ball itself is made from recyclable material – as long as you put it in the recycling – but it should be able to hand it down to your grandchildren as its made of plastic! (10-year guarantee).

To purchase your eco egg, please click here.

Bespoke Utilities

Specialist energy consultancy

Bespoke Utilities were appointed after a rigorous tendering process by Hadland Care group who wanted to find a specialist energy consultancy that offered them 100% renewable energy at a competitive price as well as having a fully managed solution for their energy requirements. Bespoke Utilities have got a successful track record in not only sourcing renewable gas and power, but also assisting clients in the reduction of consumption through various methods.

Following a thorough tendering process to appoint a new consultant, we chose Bespoke Utilities because they were transparent with their pricing and they showed an appetite and desire to deliver to us all of our requirements. They developed a procurement strategy that suited us and went to the whole energy market and gave us renewable quotes at very competitive prices. Their quotes included the installation of AMR meters in all of our properties as well as assisting us with invoice validation and budgeting. They have also helped us a great deal with our ESOS requirements.

We have a large portfolio of gas and power contracts and couldn’t be happier with the service they provide. We would recommend Bespoke Utilities to any business looking to work with a transparent and trustworthy consultancy who focus on delivering their clients exactly what they want.


Local Energy Advice Programme

Providing support and advice to local households, LEAP is a free home energy efficiency programme that can assist you with saving money and keeping your home warm all year long.

The service extends into providing advice on maximising your household income by helping you apply for additional benefits and grants and through better budgeting and bill savings.

A highly-trained LEAP trainer will arrange a home energy visit with you and immediately put in energy-saving measures for free.  Examples include; installing LED light bulbs, draught proofing any exits and windows, providing training on the use of heating controllers and looking into potential savings from switching energy suppliers. LEAP can also assist you with the application process if required!

Espokes Bikes

One area we really wanted to improve upon from other services being provided is to encourage cycling in general. Rather than just allowing the use of the e-bikes for working hours for business use, but additional commuting and pleasure riding outside of working hours. These bikes will be a perfect opportunity for our colleagues to not only get some exercise in for the day, but we hope to see them travelling to their local business meetings on the Espokes bikes to save on fuel as well as time wasted on parking!

Westover Nissan

Tops Day Nurseries have recently invested in electric vehicles for staff to use in order to produce zero emissions when needing travel at work, from Westover Nissan. These cars are fully electric and have many different benefits when it comes to helping the environment and being sustainable. The biggest benefit of which being that the cars do not emit toxic gases or smoke as they run on a clean energy source.

With an electric car, there are fewer moving parts than traditional vehicles. Due to this, Tops’ new Nissan Leaf’s will need less servicing attention, which will ultimately result in less money being spent on repairs and allowing more money to spend on the staff and resources.

Green Wing Magnet

Green wing UK is a company helping both residential and commercial properties to reduce their energy costs by installing magnetic conditioning devices to reduce consumption and limescale on boilers.

The magnets work by ionising the fuel particles to increase efficiency. For a far more detailed and in-depth description, please see the Green wing website which also covers technical information as well as case studies.

By increasing efficiency to the boilers across all areas of the business, Green Wing are highly recommended for both business and home use. Helping to increase environmental efficiency without hurting the bank.

Paint 360

Established in 2013, Paint360 are leading the way for commercial paint recycling to the trade.

Paint 360 re-engineer waste water based paint back into high quality emulsions for traders to use.

Eco Ezee

Eco Ezee is a family owned company which specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative products made from waste material, by-products from other manufacturing processes or ecologically sustainable sources. They not only reduce waste to landfill but also the impact we are all having on our planet.

Eco Ezee strives to replace, where feasible, consumer products that continue to deplete the world’s natural resources, such as those made from plastic, metal and wood; in doing so we endeavour to make all goods compostable, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

Eco Ezee provides Tops Day Nurseries with our bamboo toothbrushes, decorating equipment and sporks.



Loving by Nature

Making the switch to real nappies can seem daunting, and confusing, but with the right advice it really is easy.  It is not all-or-nothing – if you want to give it a go just start with a few nappies and go from there – you will soon see that they are well worth the effort.  The idea of extra laundry puts off many people – but it need only be a couple of extra loads a week – hardly a massive difference with a baby in the house!

If you are interested in reducing your landfill waste by taking up real nappies, get in touch with Charlotte at Loving by Nature to find out more.  If you mention Tops Nurseries, you will receive a 10% discount!

Instagram – @lbndorset


Tops have stopped using anti-bacterial cleaners in the nurseries with the deliveries and training of all the nursery managers.  The reason for the big change is that evidence has shown that removing all bacteria from children’s environments is a cause of allergies, as all the good bacteria in their bodies is killed as well as the good bacteria, depleting immune systems.  The new product is “advanced and innovative technology” and is based on natural bacterial cultures that are specially selected to quickly decompose organic matter.  These cultures maintain a balance between the quantity of grease, soil and dirt captured daily and its elimination by biodegradation, it basically eats up the bad bacteria and replaces it with good bacteria.  As a result, there reduced environmental stress and impact of the product compared to our previous products, it has low aquatic toxicity and is readily biodegradable in about a month in the water.

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Proud to purchase energy from Orsted & Bespoke

Orsted, the global leader in offshore wind, surpassed more than 7,500 international, billion-dollar companies to rank fourth in the index.

Over the past decade, Orsted has transformed from a coal- and gas-intensive utility to a global green energy company. The company has reduced the carbon intensity of its power and heat generation by more than two-thirds in comparison with 2006, and it is well on track to meet its target of more than 95% green energy by 2023. The substantial progress in Orsted’s ambitious decarbonisation programme is reflected in the company’s leap to a fourth place in the 2019 Global 100 index, ranking 70th in 2018.

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GECCO Real Nappies

GECCO, the Green Early Years Choices Champion Organisation registered charity was started as a way to share best practice in caring for children in a sustainable way.

GECCO Real Nappies is a lending scheme in which parents can borrow a re-usable nappy hamper until their child is toilet trained. The hampers include a number of eco-goodies for parents to keep, including an eco egg, and will be available soon across the South Coast via Tops Day Nurseries.

More information coming soon to the GECCO website.

Visit the GECCO website

Fluid Branding Ltd

All colleagues are presented with an eco lunch bag, purchased from Fluid Branding Ltd. These bags are non-woven polypropylene (NWPP) and are made using 20% post-industrial recycled material.

The bags are REACH compliant, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals.

Before we receive the bags at our Head Office, they are stored and printed in Fluid Branding’s eco carbon-neutral warehouse.


Tops Day Nurseries use Baba+Boo to supply our lovely Marty Mouse wetbags.

A wetbag is a reusable, waterproof and leak resistant bag that zips shut to help keep odours (and liquids) from escaping. Wet bags are typically designed to transport soiled nappies, but because of the waterproof fabric lining you can also use wet bags to transport wet clothes, swim suits, and more.

These bags are available for parents to purchase, please contact your local Tops Day Nursery for more information.

Visit their website

The Stitchery Dorset

The Stitchery Dorset is a home-based sewing company which make handmade products with fantastic quality which are also beautiful.

the Stitchery create eco-friendly products such as washing up sponges, bamboo reusable makeup remover pads, dog treat bags, laundry bags, organic fabrics and much more!

Tops parents can receive 10% off orders via The Stitchery’s Etsy shop. Follow the link below to find out more.

Visit the Etsy shop

Palm Print

The majority of our printed collateral including leaflets, business cards and posters are printed from Bournemouth based Palm Print Ltd.

We use recycled paper for leaflets and have moved away from any spot laminate features on folders.

Palm Print is part of the Carbon Capture Programme so they are working towards improving any environmental impact of their work. A premium is added to their paper which is then used by The Woodland Trust to plant trees, creating native woodland areas all around the UK.