Employee-Owned Trust (EOT)

In April 2024, we transitioned to an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT). This transition represents the culmination of our vision, marking a significant milestone in our journey at Tops Day Nurseries.

What is an EOT Company?

Employee ownership describes when a business is fully or partly owned by its employees. It aims to give colleagues more of a sense of belonging, accountability, and the right to have a say about the running of the company, its future, and opportunities. It also allows all colleagues to benefit financially from the company’s future success.

But what does this mean for my family? Let’s delve into this…

Unchanged Commitment to Wellbeing: Your child’s wellbeing and development have always been our top priority at Tops Day Nurseries, and this remains unchanged even as we transition to an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT). We understand the importance of providing a nurturing and safe environment where your child can flourish. Rest assured, their happiness, safety, and growth continue to be at the forefront of everything we do.

Consistent High-Quality Care: We are dedicated to maintaining the same high standard of care that you have come to expect from Tops Day Nurseries. Our passionate team of educators remains committed to providing exceptional care tailored to meet the individual needs of each child. From engaging in educational activities to nurturing emotional support, your child will continue to receive the quality care they deserve.

Familiar Faces and Routines: We recognize the significance of familiarity and routine in your child’s daily life. As we transition to an EOT, you can expect to see the same familiar faces of our dedicated staff members who have played an integral role in your child’s journey with us. Our routines and activities, carefully crafted to promote learning and exploration, will remain unchanged. Your child will continue to enjoy the same enriching experiences that they have grown to love at Tops Day Nurseries.

Meet some of our partners…

Some of the team from The Hub, taking part in a beach clean