Our Famous Menus

Research confirms that healthy eating habits in the years before school are very important because they influence growth, development and academic achievement in later life. In 2016, we launched our no-added sugar menus which gained national attention.

Excessive consumption in young children increases the risk of obesity and life-threatening problems such as heart disease and diabetes. The new menus have been designed to ensure the children have a fully balanced diet throughout the day, and importantly have reduced the sugar intake with the meals and desserts provided.

We understand a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are essential for children’s health and well-being. At Tops Day Nurseries we have designed a balanced menu to support growth and development using the Children’s Food Trust recommendations. The key thing to remember is that overall, eating healthily is all about balance. Indulgent foods, such as those high in fat and/or sugar, can be enjoyed and savoured, but only occasionally, not every day. The majority of our diet should be made up of balanced, nutritious everyday foods and this is the foundation of our new menus.

To discuss the menus in more detail please contact your nursery manager, which you can find here.

Why not try replicating our delicious dishes at home? Click here to view some of the children’s favourites.

New Game Menu

We are excited to announce the launch of our innovative Game Menu. These meals are designed to captivate young taste buds while providing unmatched nutrition that aligns with our sustainability mission and ethos. We are proud to be among the first in our sector to make the move and put wild meat on our menus. Find out more about our new Game menu here. 

Vegan and Vegetarian Meals at Tops

At Tops, our menus are designed to ensure the children have a fully balanced diet with all meals and desserts having reduced sugar. We have also introduced vegan and vegetarian meals to our menus which are available every week.

View our Vegan and Vegetarian Meals

Award Winning Inspiration

Diane Wycherley, now Director Of Operations for Tops Day Nurseries, was recognised by Nursery Management Today (NMT) as one of the 5 Most Inspirational People in the childcare sector.

Diane was particularly recognised for her project of launching new no added sugar menus across the family of nurseries.  After becoming drawn to the high amount of sugar present in children’s meals and the detrimental side effects this has on children’s health, Diane carried out months of research into the sugar content of certain foods, as well as learning how food is processed in the body and the right nutrients that children need to develop, before designing the new menus.  These ensure the children have a fully balanced diet throughout the day and only use the natural sugars occurring in fruit and vegetables to flavor the food.  The menus were launched on 1st February 2016 across the nurseries. To Find out more about Diane’s award, please click here.

Celebrity Chef visits Tops Day Nurseries

Tops Day Nurseries were contacted by the Novelli Academy for more information about the low sugar menus the nurseries provide to help tackle the obesity crisis. An assistant for ‘the nation’s favourite French chef’ spotted the story on the news and informed Jean-Christophe of Tops Day Nurseries new menus.

Jean-Christophe showed a keen interest in learning more about the project lead by Tops Day Nurseries, particularly with his own passion for ensuring dishes are created in a health-conscious manner. Chefs from Tops Day Nurseries were invited to watch a demonstration lead by Jean-Christophe showing how quick and easy meals could be incorporated into the new low sugar menus. Click here to read more.

Our Inclusive Meal Plans

As the South’s leading chain of sustainable day nurseries, Tops Day Nurseries have been working tirelessly to support our key workers and address key issues surrounding the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Minimizing risk and protecting the children in our settings is paramount, and we are actively taking steps to reduce the chance of infection.

From June 1st 2020, we are asking that no packed lunches are to be bought into the nursery with children, due to the volume of items currently entering settings and the real risk of contamination. There will be a flat rate charge per day for meals, and this will cover breakfast (from 7am-8:30am), a morning and afternoon snack, lunch (Noon-12:30pm), and tea (4pm-4:30pm). Find out more here.