Purpose, Values and Colleague Charter


Welcome from Cheryl, Founder and Chairwoman

Our organisation is all about people, each individual person doing what they are good at, and enjoy doing, ideally for most of the time they are working. We have policies and procedures in place to protect us, and they evolve as things change and we learn different ways of doing things. Each of us can make a significant impact on our own lives, and the lives of our partners, customers (parents/children/learners), and also on the professionals that we meet day to day. We’re delighted that you have chosen to join us in our mission. Together we can make our world a better place.

Our Purpose:

At Tops, we always align ourselves with people who care about what they do, and that want to make a positive contribution to shaping and educating our children, learners, and communities. This is why our purpose is to inspire children and shape a sustainable future.

Our Values:

We think where you work matters and we want to obtain meaning and purpose from this every day, building a community of people that work together, encouraging individual personalities and brilliance. To support this we created our Tops values:


Tops Colleague Charter:

Our colleague charter acts as a guide to how we want to deal with each other, how we respect, value and communicate together and what our priorities and strengths are when we work together.