Aubergine Caponata Recipe

This delicious aubergine caponata is packed full of healthy and wholesome ingredients, perfect for filling little tummies with all the nutrients they need!


  • Aubergine 500g
  • Onions Diced Frozen 10/10mm 200g
  • CRG Vinegar Red Wine 70g
  • Courgettes 100g
  • Capsicum Traffic Light Peppers 100g
  • Cornflour 100g
  • Tomato Puree 28/30% 100g
  • Garlic Puree 5g
  • Tomatoes Chopped 400g
  • Oregano Dried 5g
  • Penne Whole Wheat Organic 250g
  • Vegan Chicken Flavoured Stock Powder 10g


Step one: Begin by dicing the aubergine into 2cm cubes in vinegar for 15 minutes to help break the aubergine down and add flavour.

Step two: Drain the aubergine and toss in cornflour veg powder mix. Roas in the oven at 220c in olve oil until golden crispy (roughly 30 minutes).

Step three: While the aubergine are cooking, saute the courgette on a high heat until browned. Turn down the heat and add onion and pepper and continue to sweat.

Step four: Add the 1/3 recipe of tomato sauce and bring to the heat.

Step five: Add an equal amount of cold water and retun to the boil. Turn down to simmer.

Step six: Once simmered for about 30 minutes add roasted aubergine (the cornflour coating will melt into the sauce and thicken).

Step seven: Once consistency is achieved adjust seasoning and finish with chopped parsley.

Step eight: Serve with al dente penne pasta.

And just like that you have a healthy meal for the whole family.

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