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babies in the wood

Babies in the wood is a forest School session run for children aged 3 months – 2 years, giving them the same advantages as the older children.

The Tops Forest School gives our children a unique experience, taking them on weekly outings and teaching them about nature through nature.

Babies are sensory motor learners – the great outdoors provides many textures, temperatures, colours, smells and sounds, so all of their senses are engaged.

Babies in the wood Tops Forest School sessions organise plenty of activities during their trips out, for example feeling the leaves, moss, bark, sand, smelling the flowers and grass. The children also enjoy laying under the trees and watching the branches move against the sky, as well as splashing around in puddles and streams.

Recently, Tops Boscombe’ s Babies in the wood took a train journey to a forest, in which they explored the woods, splashed in a stream and feel the texture of leaves and sticks.

Being outside enhances physical development – in response to different sources of stimuli, babies move their bodies in different ways encouraging them to grasp, pull themselves up, to sit, to crawl and to walk.

Tops Lakeside’s Babies in the wood session saw the Explorers children take a stroll down to the local lake and sat down for snack before exploring the grass. The children found pine cones, leaves and twigs and were fascinated by the different textures.

To find out more about Babies in the wood and Tops Forest School, please speak to the nursery manager.

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