Baking Week

National Baking Week is a weeklong celebration every October 14th to 20th, intended to inspire people of all abilities to try their hand at home baking. Feeling unsure about what to be baking? “The Great British Bake Off,” gives everyone a week of tasty recipes and good television to incentivize people to bake. 

Tops used this opportunity to focus on baking during their Tops Cooking School, the children have been baking scones, pizzas and prune and cocoa muffins.

Tops Cooking School

Tops Cooking School is an extra-curricular activity we provide for the children. These cooking workshops are run weekly at the nurseries, for children to learn, make and get excited about food.

Children get involved in the whole cooking process and learn skills such as mixing, kneading, chopping and pouring all with close support, to encourage and develop the skills of independence. They also learn where food comes from and how food can be good for our bodies.

Every week, the children will be cooking a different recipe. Recipes will include foods from around the world such as sushi and they will be exploring different tastes and textures. At the end of each session children will be able to take home what they have made for all the family to enjoy.


“Tops Cooking school is a fab opportunity for my son to learn about food and how to keep healthy, along with learning valuable skills for life in preparing and cooking ingredients. He looks forward to taking part every week and as a family, we enjoy listening to him tell us what he has made and then enjoy tasting it together! Thanks Tops, keep up the fab work!”.

Kate, a parent at Tops Day Nursery

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