Benefits of Babywearing for a child

Benefits of carrying for the child

  • The use of carriers in a setting allows for some of that continuity, comfort and familiarity of routine from home life into the nursery setting.
  • For some children this supports their nap and sleep routines.
  • Use of carriers supports the building of safe and secure attachments with the nursery staff. This can be especially helpful during settling in and transition periods.
  • Carriers can support caregivers in meeting and responding to a child’s needs quickly. Using a carrier can be an effective way to calm and support a child who may be upset or need support to calm.
  • Many children like to be held whilst exploring their surroundings, especially those who are not fully mobile. The use of a carrier is able to support staff carrying children in a way which respects the staff’s physiology and posture therefore children are able to be carried for longer.
  • Carrying a child in a sling enables them to take comfort and a rest from what can be a busy environment during times of over-stimulating and over-tiredness.
  • Being carried at adult height enables a new perspective of the world around them, observing communications and interactions. This supports the learning especially social and emotional development, understanding the world around them, language and communication as well as other areas of learning.

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