Benefits of Muddy Play

The 29th of June marks International Mud Day – This day aims to connect children around the globe through the earth, by playing in the mud!

To celebrate this day we wanted to share the benefits of muddy play with you…

Children have always loved playing in the mud. Mixing soil, water, and other natural materials like pebbles, leaves, or grass provides children endless possibilities for learning and fun.

Dirt and Mud Play are often overlooked as essential teaching tools for young children, but at Tops Day Nurseries we encourage it. Getting dirty and playing in Mud has enormous benefits in all areas of child development!

1. Encourages Creativity (Emotional Development)

Playing in the mud offers endless opportunities for creative expression. There is no end to the creations, ideas and games children will invent. During this type of unstructured, outdoor play, children are not only exercising but are building their ability to form ideas, problem solve, and think critically, as well as be innovative and inventive.

2. Mud Increases Brain Activity

When children play with mud they use all of their senses, resulting in a highly stimulated and active brain.

3. Build a stronger immune system

Scientific studies show the same microscopic bacteria in the dirt that can make you happier have also proven beneficial to the immune system.

4. Building an Adventurous Spirit Through Mud Play

While kids are braving the mud, sloshing and squelching around, they are challenging themselves, expanding their experiences and in turn, their world.

5. Mud Builds a Connection with the Natural Environment

Playing with mud is a foundational activity that could lead to children further developing a strong and empathetic connection with the natural environment.

6. Fun and free

Mud play is amazing, not only does it deliver a great play experience for our little ones, but it’s easy and affordable to get involved.
You might have some extra washing but your little ones are going to love it!

Mud play can be healthy and beneficial for children and even babies under the age of 1 year! Squishing and patting mud is a great way for your child to get tactile and develop learning skills with sensory play.

It also helps children get used to their natural environment and playing outdoors (and away from screens).

Want to have a go at making your own Mud Kitchen? Click here to find out how…

Have a look at some more muddy pictures…

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