Benefits of sand play


Sand play can be manipulated into a wonderful sensory experience for children’s development, being creative in how you use sand will widen children’s learning opportunities. Sand is a perfect resource that allows children to use their exploratory and imagination skills. Sand play can help children develop their physical, cognitive and social skills and children will be intrigued and eager to explore. There is no right or wrong way as to how sand should be presented to children, but rather just pouring sand into a tray, there are many other ways for the children to interact.

At Tops Day Nurseries we have sand trays and sand activities set up for children regularly, as sand play is an open-ended resource, children are able to direct their own play and take themselves on a journey.

Here are 5 ways of exploring sand:

Wet and dry sand – This is a great sensory experience that many children will love exploring. A traditional favourite activity that develops children’s imagination, thinking skills and sensory experience is building sand castles. The different consistencies of the sand will have a range of end products.

Sand mousse – Mix shaving form and sand together with create a mousse consistency. Children can use this to make marks with or just explore the texture.

Moon dough – Mix sand, water and corn-starch to create this mud consistency.

Sand puffy paint – Why not mix sand with your paint to make gritty paint.

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