Best yogurts for your babies and toddlers

Yogurt is a simple but underrated food enjoyed by many young children and can provide them with many benefits you may not have yet considered. At Tops we conscientiously look at the food we provide for your children so here are some of the many reasons yogurt should be introduced to your child’s diet and why it is featured regularly on our famous menus within our nurseries.

What benefits does yogurt provide to young children?

  • Firstly yogurt is a nutrient powerhouse. It contains calcium which helps your child develop strong bones and teeth which are vital to their development. Yogurt also contains probiotics or ‘live cultures’ which help work to keep your child’s gut happy and healthy.
  • Yogurt although it can create a bit of a mess, it gives your child a chance to begin to explore food and textures as their palate expands
  • Its a safe food requiring no chewing making it a suitable snack for a range of different ages.

When should yogurt be introduced?

Yogurt is safe for children who have started eating solid food which typically occurs around 6 months old. Yogurt is also a food that is likely to appeal to children and encourages them to become interested in food and is naturally sweet without the need for any added sugars.

Contrary to what you might have initially thought, the yogurt aimed at adults is also suitable for your child too. Showing it is not necessary for you to spend on extra ‘child marketed’ yogurt products which can keep costs down with the same beneficial goodness.

However it is useful to note that fat free and low fat products should avoided as growing children need the extra calories!

Our top 5 recommendations

  • Fage 5% Natural Yoghurt
  • Onken Natural Yoghurt
  • Yeo Valley Organic Natural Yoghurt
  • Lancashire Farm Natural Bio Yoghurt
  • Skyr 5% Natural Yoghurt

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