Book suggestions to help your little ones on their first day of nursery

At Tops we understand the first day at nursery is a huge milestone for children. Beginning preschool or nursery can be a little scary for both parents and children; but it can also be very exciting. That’s why these first day of school books can be very useful preparing your kids for what can be a daunting first day! These first day of school books are designed to give little ones a sense of what to expect and ease their nerves and calm Mum or Dad’s first day jitters, too!

If you are prepared in advance with the right resources and strategies, then your child’s first day will go much better than if you’re not prepared. For children who are heading to school for the first time, we hope these first day of school books get them excited for the year to come!

  • The King of Kindergarten, by Derrick Barnes

The hero of this story is ready to make his mark! He’s dressed himself, eaten a pile of pancakes, and can’t wait to be part of a whole new kingdom of kids.

  • The Day You Begin, by Jacqueline Woodson

We all feel like outsiders sometimes and how brave it is that we go forth anyway. And that sometimes, when we reach out and begin to share our stories, others will be happy to meet us halfway.

  • We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, by Ryan T. Higgins

The bright colours and deceptively adorable dinosaurs make this a fun read rather than a scary one, with a hidden lesson about boundaries.

  • On the First Day of Kindergarten, by Tish Rabe

Even though saying good-bye to Mom and Dad is hard, when the school bus pulls up, it’s time to begin kindergarten fun.

At Tops Day Nurseries, we have implemented a number of different activities to support with school readiness including self-registration upon entering the nursery, potty training, tooth brushing and taking part in both child and adult led activities.

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