Card to Father Christmas from the Earth

Do you want a fun and educational activity to do with your little ones this Christmas? If you answered yes then read below to find out how to make a Christmas card to Father Christmas from the Earth.

Materials needed: One card per child, plus spares in case of accidents and errors. Colouring pencils (ideally crayons).  Cards will be supplied free of charge.

Time required: 45 minutes (depending on the depth of the discussion, more time may be needed)

Assumptions: The children have some knowledge of the climate and ecological emergency.


Discussion and preparation. Raise the issue of the problems the Earth faces. Does your child know of any? (They may come up with things like global warming, climate change, animals becoming extinct, plastic pollution, etc.)  Allow them to consider issues and voice any concerns they have.

What do they think the Earth needs to help with these challenges? Invite suggestions.

Does your child write letters to Father Christmas? Why? (to tell him what they really, really want!).  What do they think the Earth might really want this Christmas?

(The question of not believing in Father Christmas may arise. Share with them the story of the teenagers who insisted to their parents that they believed in Father Christmas – they wanted their stockings filled!)

Explain that they can make a special card to display at home to show they care about the Earth, our home planet. And inside the card they can write a message to Father Christmas from the Earth.

Tell them that this is also a message to the adults who have the power to do something to protect and restore the planet. Creating this message is something they, as children, can do which is a positive and constructive action. Remind them that their voices are important, and the future belongs to them. (They may have heard of Greta Thunberg.)

Activity. Colour in the front and then write your own personal message inside. They can then put their cards up on display for all the family to see!

Click the image below to download the printable Christmas card:

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