Carnival Madness at Tops

Children at Tops Christchurch, Tops Corfe Mullen, Tops Lymington, Tops Salisbury and Tops Wimborne thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the carnival session this year!

Tops Day Nurseries believe in family, and connection. What better way to build relationships with the local communities than with a bright, colourful float and happy carnival procession?

Several Tops nurseries got firmly stuck in with making decorations, and making friends.

Tops Corfe Mullen and Wimborne joined forces to design their float with the theme of Eco Warriers, in an effort to encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle. Children at Tops are taught about the importance of looking after their environment. They use bamboo toothbrushes, grow their own produce, compost food waste, and of course, Tops famously banned glitter last year.


Tops Christchurch got lost with Mowgli in a Jungle Book themed procession

. During the week leading up, children at the nursery enjoyed making jungle themed decorations and large cutouts of the animals. Tops Christchurch won first place!


Lymington’s carnival procession was themed around television shows. The children at Tops Lymington held a vote and chose Something Special. Everyone enjoyed signing, singing and dancing along to Mr. Tumble’s music, and all looked very spotty in their waistcoats and bow-ties. Tops Lymington were awarded fourth place!



All this carnival fun turned the children at Tops Salisbury into hungry, hungry caterpillars! Children and colleagues took part in a twilight procession, complete with fairy lights and re-usable, light up wands. Handmade costumes and handmade decorations, and even a handprint banner- the Tops family really got stuck in to the design of their procession. Their hardwork paid off, as Tops Salisbury won third place! 


We look forward to taking part in the next year of carnivals! 

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