Case Study- Sophie Anderson Trainee Manager Programme to Nursery Manager

Trainee Manager Programme was introduced to support our current ambitious and aspiring colleagues who would like to progress in their careers to become a Nursery Manager in the future. By being on the programme, colleagues are provided with additional training, coaching, and mentoring by our Senior Nursery Managers and Quality Managers.

Colleagues are either nominated by their line manager or can apply through an internal application. Successful colleagues are assigned a designated coach within their area to support and work closely with them throughout the whole programme. Our Senior Managers and Quality Managers have received additional training themselves to ensure they have the skills needed to coach others. Training and coaching can be provided online via zoom video calls, which enables learners to access various levels, roles and departments within the company.

The Trainee Manager Programme allows colleagues to be exposed to different areas within the Company and will give them the experience, skills, and knowledge that they need to become a successful Nursery Manager in the future!

See what Sophie Anderson had to say about the programme and how it helped her to go from Room Manager to Nursery Manager at Tops Prince Rock…

“I started the Trainee Programme 2 years ago, I wanted to do the programme as I wanted to move forward within my career, I had the passion and the drive I just needed the training, so the Trainee Manager Programme was perfect.

Being on the programme provided me with the insight and the opportunity to strengthen and develop my understanding of management and leadership roles in more detail, it also helped me gain more experience in areas that I would not have experienced as a Room Manager.

The program supported me by providing additional training with other departments within the company, like, HR, legal, accounts etc. This gave me a better understanding of the company and how being a Nursery Manager fits in with the operation of the business.

Overall, the Trainee Manager Programme is specifically made to help equip staff members with the knowledge and skills to become a Nursery Manager, it allows you to gain a better understanding of the role and enables you to experience your role as a Nursery Manager before actually becoming one. I used to be a Room Manager but after completing the Trainee Manager Programme, I am now the Nursery Manager of Prince Rock and couldn’t have done it without the support of the Training team and the Trainee programme.”

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