Celebrating 20 Years of Dedication: Tops Day Nurseries Congratulates Long-Serving Senior Nursery Manager

We take great pride in honoring and congratulating Sharon White, the esteemed Senior Nursery Manager of Tops Wimborne and Tops Charminster, for completing an incredible 20 years of dedicated service.

Since Sharon’s arrival at Tops Day Nurseries two decades ago, she has consistently proven herself as an exceptional leader, showcasing unwavering commitment, passion, and a genuine love for early years education. Her remarkable journey has been characterized by tireless dedication to nurturing young minds, shaping bright futures, and creating a safe, stimulating, and inclusive environment for children to thrive.

Sharon’s tenure with the company began in June 2003 when she joined as a Senior Practitioner at Wimborne. Over the years, she has progressed within Tops, assuming the role of Senior Nursery Manager while also taking on various additional responsibilities. These include serving as SENDCo, Health and Safety Lead, Mental Health First Aider, Designated Safeguarding Lead (for her setting and the area), Extra Curricular Lead, Eco Rep, Schema Play Lead, and Student Lead. Throughout her time at Tops, Sharon has gained invaluable experience working with children of all ages in various settings, including Wimborne, Charminster, and Christchurch.

Among Sharon’s many accomplishments at Tops, she has completed her Level 5 Diploma, obtained a Level 3 qualification for Special Education Needs Coordinators, and excelled in her Senior Manager role, providing support to other nurseries while effectively managing Tops Wimborne and Tops Charminster. Additionally, Sharon has actively pursued professional development by undertaking qualifications and training in Extra Curricular activities, Safeguarding Level 3, and Supporting Children’s Mental Health.

Under Sharon’s exceptional guidance, Tops Wimborne and Tops Charminster have flourished, earning recognition for their outstanding care, engaging learning experiences, and strong parent engagement. Her ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere has fostered a sense of belonging among children, parents, and staff, making Tops Wimborne and Tops Charminster cherished hubs of early years education.

Reflecting on her 20-year journey, Sharon White expresses her appreciation for the changes she has witnessed within the company. From re-brandings to the addition of more nurseries, she highlights how Tops has successfully adapted and grown over the years. Sharon values the family-like environment that has developed, with both longstanding and new staff members contributing to the company’s success. She takes pride in the resilience Tops has shown in response to the evolving sector, shaping the organization into what it is today. With an optimistic outlook, Sharon eagerly anticipates the future, eager to witness further adaptation and growth.

Vicki Sedgwick, Regional Manager at Tops, extends her heartfelt congratulations to Sharon on her 20 years of dedicated service. She acknowledges Sharon’s versatility, having worked in various roles across multiple nurseries throughout her career. Vicki commends Sharon’s hard work and determination, which have led her to the position of Senior Nursery Manager. Furthermore, she emphasizes Sharon’s innate willingness to go above and beyond, offering valuable support, advice, and guidance to others. Vicki expresses her admiration and appreciation for Sharon’s incredible journey with the company.

To commemorate this remarkable milestone, Harriet Pacey, the Sales, Marketing, and Recruitment Director, personally visits Sharon to present her with a certificate, a new badge, and a voucher. These tokens symbolize Tops Day Nurseries’ recognition of Sharon’s exceptional commitment and the significant impact she has made on the lives of children and families within the community.

As Tops Day Nurseries celebrates Sharon White’s 20 years of unwavering dedication, they acknowledge her as an invaluable asset and an inspiration to all who have had the privilege of working with her.

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