Celebrating Make Music Day with Tops Day Nurseries!

At Tops Day Nurseries, we’re gearing up for an exciting celebration of Make Music Day, a day dedicated to the universal language of music and its magical impact on children’s development! On June 21st, join us as we embark on a journey of rhythm, melody, and creativity. To support the people who run this click here!

Music is more than just sound; it’s a powerful tool that enhances children’s cognitive, emotional, and social skills. From boosting language development to fostering creativity and coordination, whilst enriching every aspect of a child’s growth. At Tops, we integrate music into our daily activities to stimulate imagination and promote a love for learning.

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Most Popular Instruments for Make Music Day!

Exploring musical instruments is a cherished activity at Tops! Children love the simplicity and joy of instruments such as:

  • Percussion Instruments like tambourines, maracas, and frog guiros encourage rhythmic exploration and tactile engagement, enhancing children’s motor skills and coordination.
  • Melodic Instruments such as xylophones , glockenspiels and drums introduce children to melody, pitch, and musical tones, fostering auditory development and curiosity.
  • Wind Instruments like recorders and harmonicas help develop children’s breath control, basic melodies, and early understanding of musical dynamics.

Making music with your child doesn’t require musical expertise! Start by singing together—whether it’s nursery rhymes, favorite songs, or creating your own tunes. Singing promotes language development and strengthens your bond. For added fun, have a dance party! Crank up the music and groove together; dancing enhances motor skills, coordination, and self-expression in a joyful, rhythmic way.

Boogie Mites!

You can even join in our musical activity, Boogie Mites! It’s a fantastic opportunity for children and parents alike to explore rhythm, melody, and movement together. Boogie Mites sessions at Tops Day Nurseries are designed to enhance children’s early development through engaging music-based activities that promote language, coordination, and social interaction. Come join us for a fun and educational musical experience!

Discover the joy of Make Music Day at Tops!

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