Celebrating Tops Salisbury : A Journey of Growth

Today marks a special occasion as Tops Salisbury celebrates its birthday! In honor of this milestone, we’re excited to share a case study highlighting the journey of Tops Salisbury since its founding in 2017. Altogether located at Salisbury District Hospital, our nursery provides a space for children to learn and interact with others.

Furthermore, we sat down with Hayley Randall, the dedicated Nursery Manager at Salisbury, to gain insight into the progress and achievements of Tops Salisbury. Additionally, with her extensive experience and qualifications in childcare, Hayley offers a unique perspective on the nursery’s evolution.

We asked these questions:

1. How has Tops Salisbury changed over the years?

“We are more sustainable and have a strong ethos which is embedded across the nursery. The children have gained valuable life skills by actively participating in embedded extracurricular activities. The extra-curricular activities we offer are Cooking School, Swim Club, tooth brushing, yoga and Boogiemites. The children learn basic culinary skills such as how to use knives safely, how to follow a recipe and mathematic concepts such as weight. They also learn how to swim and basic water safety skills, which makes them more confident in the water. Yoga and Boogiemites gives them the opportunity to explore their creative side, plus this supports self-regulation.”

2. Can you share any big achievements Tops Salisbury has had?

“We have gained a “good” Ofsted rating as one of our main achievements. Another achievement of ours is the Swim club. It is very successful and we have helped around 60 children become more confident in the water. This is an extra-curricular activity that we offer every Thursday morning. We have a leisure centre on the hospital site who have kindly partnered with us to offer the children some water safety experience. The children have a 30 minute swimming lesson with an instructor, learning techniques like staying afloat and swimming on their backs. Additionally, we have also been running a successful holiday club for children up to 14 years old. The majority of the children who are reoccurring have been attending the nursery since even before Tops was founded.”

3. What recent improvements has Tops Salisbury made?

“Our baby and preschool garden has been refurbished in the past year, making it a more engaging environment for the children. We have an embedded Tops team, with many years’ experience across the board.”

4. How has Tops Salisbury’s reputation in the community grown or changed?

“We are more embedded within the hospital site and recognise and celebrate the NHS with cards and posters. We have teamed up with the hospital ratio station, Radio Odstock, and the children had a Mother’s Day chat with the host, discussing why they love their mums, how they help them and what their favourite part about being at nursery is. We also join in with hospital open days and fun days. We are going to be celebrating world nurses day next week, to show our appreciation for all that they do.”

At Tops Salisbury, our journey of growth and achievement is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional childcare and education. Moreover, we continue to evolve and enrich the lives of children in our community, we look forward to many more years of success and impact. Above all join us in celebrating Tops Salisbury and the wonderful journey we’ve continued on together!

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