Cheryl’s Interview with BDO: A Discussion on Responsibility

Introduction: A Glimpse into Cheryl Hadland’s Journey

In a recent, illuminating interview with Cheryl Hadland, the formidable driving force behind Tops Day Nurseries, the world had the privilege of gaining profound insights into the realm of responsible business practices within the modern landscape. This interview, not conducted by us but nonetheless a treasure trove of wisdom, offered a captivating journey through Cheryl’s life story. Her journey commenced as a single mother on the quest for flexible childcare solutions, and it has culminated in her current role as the Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries. Cheryl’s experiences serve as a testament to resilience, unwavering commitment, and the potent ability to instigate positive change in the business world.

Reshaping Success in the Modern World

This extraordinary interview uncovered the strategies and philosophies that have steered Cheryl’s path, transforming Tops Day Nurseries into an exemplar of responsible business practices. Within this engaging discourse, Cheryl underscored the evolving definition of business success, which transcends mere financial gains. She passionately called upon businesses to embrace their distinct roles as change agents in society and stewards of the environment.

Cheryl also emphasizes the importance of environmental responsibility. A diving trip conversation awakened her to the impact of plastic waste on oceans. Inspiring Tops Day Nurseries to adopt a zero-carbon footprint policy. Cheryl questions why every business isn’t environmentally responsible and calls for government support through initiatives like sustainability criteria in OFSTED assessments.

For Cheryl, responsible businesses don’t shy away from positive change, even when faced with opposition. When Tops introduced “meat-free Mondays,” some parents initially resisted. Adapting, Tops randomly implemented meat-free days, leading to a largely vegetarian menu today. Five years ago, they embraced a sugar-free approach.

This commitment to sustainability is proven through our extensive work in sustainability.

ESG Principles and Government Support

Furthermore, Cheryl urged businesses to not just adopt but internalize ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, making positive impact an inherent facet of their corporate identity. Her call for government support, encompassing initiatives like integrating sustainability criteria into assessments and taxing virgin plastics, emphasized the urgency of collective action in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Cheryl’s visionary outlook challenges us to reevaluate the very essence of success. Helping us to recognise that it encompasses not only traditional measures of growth and profit but also the enhancement of quality of life, societal well-being, and the preservation of our environment. Cheryl Hadland’s interview, served as a reminder that responsible business decisions are not just ethically commendable; they are the most promising path to a brighter and more sustainable future.

Here is the link to the interview that Cheryl had with BDO. It provides extra context and covers the topics we discussed above.

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