Cheryl’s Top Eco-Friendly Books

Cheryl Hadland has recently read some fantastic books that educate children about the importance of being eco-friendly and shares her thoughts on them.

Marli’s Tangled Tale

“A true story about environmental problems between humans and animals” by Ellie Jackson & Laura Callwood.  It’s a beautifully illustrated book about a little puffin called Marli and her mate Rocky and egg/baby puffin.  Marli was caught in a balloon ribbon and was very lucky to be rescued and taken to a wildlife sanctuary.  Although the story may worry children, it has a happy ending, and is, of course, very educational.  It’s published by

Helping our Planet – Usborne book by Jane Bingham

225 pages of ideas to share with children, from energy-saving to getting drastic about plastic, food choices and shopping choices; expert advice from Paul Brown, Former Environment Correspondent for the Guardian, and illustrated in black and white cartoon type images from Sarah Royo, Christyan Fox, Nancy Leschinikoff & Freya Harrison.  Suitable for primary school-aged children.

Usborne Peep Inside a Beehive, by Anna Milbourne, Illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman.

A colourful, attractive cardboard paged book with lift the flaps to stimulate interest.  It’s very informative so although it looks like a book for babies it would suit all pre-school age children, helping to develop their vocabulary with words like nectar, beehive,  honeycomb, slurping and dusty, although the images are cartoon-like rather than real.

Tadpoles and frogs, by Anna Milbourne, Designed by Nicola Butler, and illustrated by P Donaera and Z. Wray published by Usborne Beginners. 

What a fabulous little book for children beginning to read on their own, but can certainly be read to pre-school children also. The photographs of real frogs, toads, tadpoles and spawn are presented very attractively and very informatively.  The glossary of frog words includes what you would expect but also warty, webbed, sucker, glide, hop, flies, swallows and many more.

Trees by Lisa Jane Gillespie, designed by Helen Edmunds and illustrated by P. Donaera

This slim book has some wonderful illustrations and real-life photographs making it a very informative and interesting book about trees.  The book covers the biology, types of trees and seasons, and also show others plants and animals that live in and on trees, I particularly loved the photograph of the goats that had climbed the argan trees to eat the leaves because there was no grass – I think children will really enjoy this and will hopefully be inspired to help look after trees and to protect them as well.  I’d recommend this book for any pre-school and primary school-aged child.

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