Childcare and Early Education Week – how to get involved

Childcare and Early Education Week aims to raise awareness of the early years sector and the incredible work educators do. Organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), this week helps to build relationships between early years educators and their local MP’s, making it easier for staff to voice their opinions on issues the childcare sector is facing. For more information, have a read of our Childcare and Early Education Week blog!

There are many ways that you can get involved in Childcare and Early Education Week, whether you’re an early years educator or parent…

Write to your local MP

Nursery staff are being urged to write to their local MP’s. This could be to voice concerns about issues the Early Years Sector is facing, or to invite them to a nursery setting. Inviting them into a nursery is a great way for them to see concerns first hand and could encourage them to take action. Check out our letter template here!

Posting on social media

Posting on social media using the hashtags #ChildcareandEarlyEducationWeek and #weareeducators. These posts can include activities educators have set up for the children, or can celebrate the amazing work your team do on a daily basis.

Our staff at Tops will also be making videos explaining how vital the early years sector is. These will be posted across all our social media platforms so keep an eye out for those!

Parent Forum

On Wednesday 19th January 2022, in preparation for Childcare and Early Education Week, the APPG for Childcare and Early Education held a forum to give parents the opportunity to share their opinions on the work the Early Years sector does. Topics that were discussed included what difference has your child’s key person made to their early years experience, and what has been the best thing about your child attending their early years setting. Click here to read our blog and find out more.

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