Kung hei fat choy


BoscNurseries across the Tops family celebrated Chinese New Year this year by hosting a variety of activities.
Tops Portsmouth were very lucky as Yin came to visit our Pre-school to read an interactive Chinese story. The children also got the opportunity to explore all different kinds of Chinese resources that relates to this special time of year.
Children in all units at Tops Boscombe enjoyed mark making and writing Chinese symbols in rice, decorating lanterns and trying traditional Chinese food!
Tops Sturminster arranged a variety of activities for the children to explore. One popular activity was an array of Newportobjects being picked up with chopsticks while another was a sensory tray filled with red and gold sequins and different textured papers.
Tops Newport had some fantastic mark making activities, including a tray filled with red powder paint which was available to children along with paint brushes and translation cards with numbers and letters. The children copied the letters and numbers by making marks in the sand. They also had a range of brushes on a large surface for children to create bright firework pictures.

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