Cost effective day nurseries and pre-schools

Advice to day nurseries and pre-schools from Cheryl Hadland.

“Stop buying plastic aprons, gloves, straws, bluetak, shoe covers, glitter, balloons, sellotape, plastic wallets, and save about 14% of your consumables bill. And this includes replacing essentials with longer last products – like cloth aprons. Also save on stock taking, ordering time, elivery costs – diesel, tyre wear, unpacking, book keeping, not to mention not using up finite resources used to make the plastic, and waste management and costs once it goes in the bin, priceless! Happy Christmas!

Apologies to manufacturers and distributors – but instead perhaps you could supply us with equipment we can rent and return when it ends its effective life – such as washing machines, driers, photocopiers, hand dryers and you can re-furbish it, or recycle it. We don’t need to own all this stuff any more. We are in the market for 20 composters so we don’t have to pay to have our waste food taken away.”

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