Cloth Nappies Campaign at Tops

We are delighted to announce a campaign to support parents and staff in the nurseries use real cloth nappies rather than one-use “disposable” nappies.  This will save a lot of money for parents and for local authorities/domestic rates bill payers.  It will save a huge amount of nappies and “solid” waste going to landfill and therefore help reduce our impact on the planet, a worthy cause that our children need us to do for them.  This is NOT about saving any money for the nursery as it won’t, and it is being supported by our charity GECCO so that we can spread what we learn to other nurseries as well. There are pros and cons, please click here to view our infographic to assist with providing you with additional information. We have achieved some charity funding to supply each nursery with a free trial hamper so parents can try some real nappies out, and we have created a new website to help answer your questions, Only the managers have had a little training on real nappies and we have a few colleagues trying them on their own babies, so it is early days in the campaign. The plan is to do more training and to learn from each other and parents to make the change to real nappies a mainstream way of caring for our babies and toddlers. We do have a few expert real nappy users in a few of our nurseries – parents using them now!  If you wouldn’t mind identifying yourselves by joining our GECCO real nappy group, on Facebook or by speaking to your key worker or the nursery manager, perhaps we could have a parents and staff meeting one evening to show us what you do/how you manage things? The aim is to have one-use nappies available for emergencies, travelling etc. rather than day to day use. This is in no way compulsory, we just want to support any parent who is considering or willing to swap even one washable nappy per day into their routine, as even that would save 90 one-use nappies from going into the waste, more would, of course, be great! We can do this, we can lead the way to a more sustainable way of bringing up our children.

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