Dorset Council Helps Educate Children at Local Nursery

Dorset Council has recently been working on creating a cycle path the length of Leigh Road, Wimborne which passes across the entrances to Tops Day Nurseries Wimborne. During this project Tops Wimborne and Dorset Council came together to take the opportunity to educate the children at the nursery on what they were doing.

The Council approached Tops Wimborne to invite the children to watch the diggers and workmen in motion whilst they completed the works in front of the nursery. The Council set up a viewing station for the children to allow them to see all the big machines. The workmen explained what the diggers and rollers were used for to the children, and they even said they would fill in a pot hole near the nursery, making it a much smoother, safer road for parents and children, whilst allowing the children to watch how they did it.

To top off this experience, the Council donated some hard hats and Hi-vis jackets so the children could wear the correct safety uniform and feel like part of the team.  

Tops Wimborne are part of the Tops Day Nurseries family, where we aim to be part of, and contribute to each of our nursery’s local communities. So, this small but kind gesture was very special and important to us.

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