Drying Cabinets at Tops

Throughout our nurseries we use TS34 drying cabinets from Podab UK, to dry our washable nappies and other items of clothing.

In TS 43 all controls and electrical components are placed in a pull-out fan package which makes it easy to repair and maintain. Furthermore, these drying cabinets are great complements to tumble dryers since they dry without any mechanical action that can wear clothes and the air stream transports residual moisture.

These drying cabinets can get up to around 70 degrees inside so will kill virus and bacteria (allowing a cooler wash in the washing machine) and we are expecting our washable nappies to last much longer for drying in these compared to a tumble drier – although drying outside is still the best option, it is weather and space dependant.

To find out more visit the Podab UK website here.

Posted in: Sustainability