Early Learning at Tops Day Nurseries: Numeracy


mathsAt Tops Day Nurseries we continuously strive to provide a variety of activities to stimulate young minds within the nursery setting. We believe it is vital to encourage children to actively develop the skills they will need for school from an early age.

Mathematics has been identified as a specific area of learning, alongside expressive arts and design, literacy, and understanding the world. Children’s understanding of numbers starts from birth and develops gradually. Babies as young as five months are aware of quantities, and they notice changes in amounts of objects.math1

At Tops Day Nurseries, a number line is on display in pre-school rooms with activities set up to encourage counting. All nurseries have a type of scales with different objects placed around them so children are able to attempt to make the scales balance; some nurseries have created scales from buckets and the children use water to try and level the weight.

Tops Newport have created a variety of ‘number match’ games, including a sorting game maths 4where the children need to put the correct amount of bean bags in the labelled box.

Tops Poole have created a new maths unit for the children in Investigators. The new unit means children are able to easily see and access the different resources available to them.

Children at all ages across all settings are encouraged to expand their numerical knowledge in the majority of day to day activities, whether they are measuring the ingredients for cooking school or play dough making, copying the number of their age, taking away pieces and putting together a puzzle or singing counting songs such as “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I caught a fish alive” withmaths2 practitioners.

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