Tops Forest School

Tops Forest School gives our children a unique experience, taking them once a week on outings and teaching them about nature through nature. The children are given supervised access to magnifying glasses, saws, spades, buckets and more to help them explore. Children are encouraged to take risks, get messy, get wet, climb higher, and learn about their surroundings.

Tops Cooking School

The cooking workshops will be run weekly at the nurseries, for children to learn, make and get excited about food.

Children will get involved in the whole cooking process and learn skills such as mixing, kneading, chopping and pouring all with close support, to encourage and develop the skills of independence.

Football Fun

Football Fun is an activity for children to take part in at nursery. The children can play whilst practising new skills, building their confidence and social skills while also keeping active.

To find out more details about any of our additional services, feel free to speak with the Tops team members at your local nursery or email


Yoga has many benefits for children such as helping to increase balance, coordination and core strength. It can also aid relaxation and promote a sense of achievement.
At Tops Day Nurseries, yoga is performed through a story as well as playing yoga games. This helps children to trust, have more confidence and self-esteem as well as problem-solving and working with partners or as a team.

Rugby Rangers

Tops Rugby Rangers is a fast paced, fun, physical session run at the Nursery or in a local field. The sessions are designed for our children to have fun playing, whilst practising new skills. Tops Rugby Rangers aims to help build children’s love of sport and help develop confidence, social skills and contribute towards healthy lifestyles.

Boogie Mites

Tops Day Nurseries are delighted to introduce Boogie Mites as an extra-curricular activity to be run in house to support the development of all seven areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which are; Communication and language, Physical Development, Personal, social and emotional development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design.

Meditation: At Tops Day Nurseries we recognise the importance of children having time to relax and unwind and therefore we offer Meditation sessions in all of our settings.

Tops Tooth Brushing

To support Public Health England’s recommendation, we are very pleased to offer a tooth brushing programme at all of our nurseries. The programme will be offered to all children from the sign of their first tooth.

Tooth Brushing Programme