Learning Through Play

One should never underestimate how much children can learn through play. What may simply look like children playing, this interaction can teach a whole range of skills, from problem solving to sharing, resolving conflict, building imagination and creativity and bonding with other children.


Facilities at nursery are often much different than what’s possible at home too, with children having the opportunity to explore sandpits, plus trips to forests, beaches, ponds and other outdoor spaces. At Tops Day Nurseries we follow a number of different play approaches to help your child to have the best start in life. We promote heuristic play, the Curiosity Approach, music and movement and much more!

Arts and crafts also have a range of benefits , giving children the chance to improve motor neurone skills, dexterity and their creative imagination.

At Tops Day Nurseries we take it one step further by offering thought provoking materials for arts and crafts activities. Children become ingaged in conversations about why we use the resources we do, how it is beneficial to the environment as well as learning why we do not use items such as glitter .

Messy play using paints, water, foam or other materials is highly encouraged at nursery, and the best part is, you don’t have to clear up afterwards!

Check out some of the benefits behind the exciting activities offered here at Tops Day Nurseries:

Sand PlayClick here to find out how san play benefits your child’s development, as well as how to sustainably clean play sand.

SchemaPlay -We are implementing ‘Schema play’ across all of our settings to help narrow the gap for any children showing signs of delay and to also enhance the learning experiences for all children that attend our settings. Click here to find out more.

Heuristic Play – At Tops Day Nurseries, we are a firm believer of natural resources… click here to find out why.

Loose parts play – Loose parts play is about stimulating children’s minds in a way they can learn and grow. Click here to find out how we incorporate this into everyday life at Tops Day Nurseries.

GardeningClick here to find out why we encourage our children to dig in to gardening!

Mark making – This is a simple activity that can take place in numerous ways! Click here for some mark making activity ideas.

Tinkering – We let our children use real tools such as hammers, saws and screwdrivers… Yes, you read correctly! Find out why here.

Outdoor play – We encourage children to play outside as often as possible and in all weathers, find out why here.

Block play – Why is block play so beneficial for children? Find out here.

Role Play – Imagination is a powerful tool which, as we know, is instinctive in some children but can need encouraging in others. Find out why role play is so important to the Early Years here.

Music and movement – evidence has shown that music is an important element for creating a sensory-rich environment and giving children the ability to learn spatial awareness. Find out how this can benefit your little one here.