Early Years Wellbeing Week 2021

Early Years Wellbeing Week 2021, 4-10 October shines a spotlight on mental health and wellbeing for the sector as we seek to raise awareness, educate, influence and inform.

Wellbeing is a term we hear a lot when discussing adults and young people – but we don’t often think about it so much for young children. At Tops, this is something we aim to focus on because we believe that if we support young children’s wellbeing then we are setting them off to a great start in in life.

Here are a list of activities we do throughout Tops Day Nurseries for supporting young children’s wellbeing:

Playing outside

Research shows that children have a need to be outside, taking opportunities to explore, discover, climb and run. At Tops we believe outdoor play is an essential part of a child’s development. We encourage children to play outside as often as possible and in all weathers, it’s certainly fun in the sun but great when we can splash in puddles!

Not only does playing outside help children develop the sense of wonder, which is an important motivation for lifelong learning, it will also help develop self-confidence and self-regulation. Children that play outside will have reduced anxiety and stress levels and the fresh air has been proven to improve moods.

Furthermore, we offer Tops Forest School and extra curricular activities like Football Fridays to further encourage outdoor play.

Use emotional language

We need to help children understand their feelings and using emotional language will help give them the vocabulary they need to understand their own feelings, as well as other people’s. Even when children are babies we can start talking about their feelings. For example, when a toddler is crying because their parent has left them at nursery, we can say: “I can see that you are really sad that Mummy has gone. She will be back later but I am here for you now.”

Being creative

Creativity is an essential part of wellbeing. We need to give children the space to be creative and join in the process with them. To encourage our children to be creative we offer activities such as; Yoga and Boogie Mites, which encourages the children to have fun and increase confidence as well as creating a sensory rich environment for them.

We also encourage messy play, where children can be free to play in the mud, in puddles or with recycled paint and natural resources, whatever it might be this type of play offers endless opportunities for creative expression. There is no end to the creations, ideas and games children will invent.

Join in

Children have a passion for learning and discovering. They need adults around them who want to learn and explore with them. Which is why the Tops practitioners love to get involved. Whether it’s dancing around during Boogie Mites, pretending to be an astronaut or taking part in yoga, our practitioners will get stuck in and learn alongside the children.

Tops Day Nurseries have over 30 nurseries across the South and South West. The eco-sustainable childcare provider offers Early Education and Care for children aged 3 months to school age, as well as before, after-school and holiday clubs for children up to 11.  

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