Earth day activities for children

Earth Day is an annual celebration held on April 22nd, aimed at promoting environmental protection and sustainability. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and encouraging people to take action to protect the planet. It presents a great opportunity to educate children on the importance of taking care of the environment and the actions they can take to make a positive difference.

Here are some Earth Day activities that parents can do with their children:


Planting a tree with children is an excellent way to celebrate Earth Day. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide shelter for wildlife. Parents can either plant a tree in their garden or join a local tree-planting event. Some local councils and conservation groups organize tree-planting activities for families.


Organizing a litter-picking activity in the local area or joining an organized event can be a fun and effective way to teach children about the impact of litter on the environment. Parents can provide children with gloves, bags, and litter pickers and encourage them to collect litter while walking around the neighborhood. This activity teaches children about responsible waste management and how they can help keep their community clean.


Starting a compost bin is a great way to teach children about recycling and the benefits of composting. The compost bin can be used to turn food waste and garden waste into nutrient-rich soil for the garden. Composting is a fun and educational activity that teaches children about the circular economy and the importance of reducing waste.

Nature walks

Going on a nature walk is an excellent way to teach children about the natural world and the importance of protecting it. Parents can take their children to a local park or nature reserve and encourage them to observe the wildlife and natural surroundings. This activity teaches children about the beauty of nature and the significance of preserving it for future generations.

Eco-friendly crafts

Making eco-friendly crafts using recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, and plastic is a fun and creative way to teach children about sustainability. Birdhouses, planters, and musical instruments can be made using recycled materials. This activity teaches children about the importance of reducing waste and using resources in a responsible way

Earth Day provides an excellent opportunity for parents to teach their children about the significance of taking care of the environment and the actions they can take to make a positive difference. These Earth Day activities can help children develop a love for the environment and a sense of responsibility for protecting it. Moreover, the activities teach children valuable skills that they can use throughout their lives to contribute to making the world a better place.

Here at Tops, we have many sustainable practices in place that help protect our planet. We don’t purchase single-use plastics like cling film, carrier bags, food bags, aprons, and wet wipes; instead, we use reusable containers, reusable diapers, homemade wipes, and other alternatives. Additionally, we teach the kids how to plant and grow their own fruits and veggies in our nursery gardens, and we have solar panels installed across all our buildings.

Find out more about what sustainable practices we use here. We have also achieved our B-Corp Certification and was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development, which reflects the extreme efforts we go to to be sustainable and invest in our planet.

Find out why one of our children’s parents chose an eco-friendly nursery – Why we chose an eco-friendly nursery for our child

To read more about what Tops has done to become a sustainable nursery click here.

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