Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Idea’s

Halloween is a great time to get together with friends and family and have some spooky fun. There are many great eco-friendly costume options that are cute and stylish. The key to being eco-friendly for your costume is to avoid buying anything new. That means, using old materials, recycled materials, upcycled materials. You can use old clothes you don’t wear or fabric scraps to create a costume. Another way is to use natural materials made of bamboo, hemp, or organic cotton. You can also find eco-friendly Halloween makeup made of fruit and vegetable dyes.

Eco-friendly Halloween costumes can help teach kids about the importance of caring for the planet. By choosing eco-friendly Halloween costumes for your kids, you can help them celebrate the holiday while teaching them the importance of being eco-friendly.

Pumpkin King

The Pumpkin King is a great eco-friendly Halloween Costume. This costume is made from recycled materials such as an old pair of pants and a shirt. The Pumpkin King is also eco-friendly because it does not use harmful chemicals or dyes.

Robot Costume

This is a fun and unique eco-friendly costume idea. This costume is made from recycled materials, such as cardboard boxes and tin cans, and is painted to look like a robot. This Robot Costume will turn heads and get you noticed at any Halloween party. We found great instructions on a website called Little Hiccups.


Witches and Wizards are a perennial favorite for Halloween. Kids love it because witches are usually associated with candy, and eco-conscious adults will appreciate that your costume didn’t require any new materials or contribute to needless waste. To complete your look, don’t forget to add a branch, broom, staff or wand!

Mad Scientist

Let your crazy kid out of the lab in a home made mad scientist outfit. Use a charity shop white blazer or one of Dad’s old white shirts, and decorate it with scientific symbols and spilled ‘chemicals’. You could fray the sleeves to give it that really crazed look. Grab some goggles from the garage, and give your scientist plastic cups and bottles of ‘potions’ (coloured juice) to carry/drink. Small clear bubble tubes work really well with this costume too, as they look like test tubes. 

Old Halloween costumes are sent to landfill

Halloween costumes are everywhere in the weeks leading up to Halloween. But parents don’t often want to keep them after the event. Why not donate your costumes to your local charity shop or speak to your local nursery manager to find our more about our ‘Halloween Costume Swap’.

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