Empowering Schools to be Green with Let’s Go Zero!

Are you passionate about climate action and want to see your little one’s school make a difference? Let’s Go Zero is a national campaign uniting schools, teachers, parents, and students in the fight against climate change. Discover how you can get involved and help transform your child’s school into a hub of sustainability and environmental responsibility!

Let’s Go Zero aims to empower schools to become zero carbon by 2030. By joining the campaign, schools commit to working towards a more sustainable future while advocating for government support to help achieve their zero carbon goals. From Glasgow to Belfast, Liverpool to Cardiff, schools across the UK are standing up for the planet and taking action to tackle the climate crisis.

Seven Steps to Create Zero Carbon Schools:  

These seven steps outline the policy changes we advocate for to support the journey towards zero carbon schools.

  1. The government pledges to make all UK schools zero carbon by 2030 and promises consistent policies and funding to support this goal. (Not yet committed)
  2. Government commits to training teachers in sustainable development education across the curriculum and providing resources for schools to connect learners with nature. (Achieved – included in strategy)
  3. Government vows to invest in adapting and retrofitting school buildings to be more sustainable. (Not yet committed)
  4. The Department for Education pledges to improve building specifications so that all new school buildings constructed from 2022 onwards will be net zero carbon. (Achieved – announced in November 2021)
  5. By 2025, every school will be required to have a funded Climate Action Plan, streamlining procedures to achieve zero carbon status. (Achieved – included in strategy)
  6. Every school will designate a trained staff member as a Sustainability Lead. (Achieved – included in strategy)
  7. Sustainability will become a statutory feature of careers guidance in UK schools by 2025. (Not yet committed)

How Parents Can Help Support Let’s Go Zero:

Furthermore, as a parent, you play a crucial role in supporting your little one’s school on their zero carbon journey. Here are some ways you can actively engage:

  • Encourage Participation: As well as this talk to your child’s school about joining the Let’s Go Zero campaign and encourage them to sign up. Inform other parents about the campaign and encourage them to participate as well. At Tops, we actively engage in the Let’s Go Zero campaign by making sure we implement more sustainable practices across all our nurseries.
  • Support Sustainability Initiatives: Additionally, you can involve yourself in your child’s school’s sustainability initiatives. Volunteer to help with eco-friendly projects, such as creating a school garden, implementing recycling programs, or organizing litter clean-ups. At Tops, we integrate sustainability into our curriculum and engage children in hands-on eco-projects to instill lifelong eco-conscious habits.
  • Advocate for Change: Moreover, advocate for climate action at your child’s school and in your community. Attend school board meetings, write letters to local officials, and support policies that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. Furthermore, us at Tops actively support efforts for climate action and sustainable policies. We actively get involved in Beach Cleans and we regularly recycle!
  • Educate and Inspire: Above all, teach your little one about the importance of protecting the planet and taking action against climate change. Encourage them to get involved in eco-friendly activities and initiatives at school and in the community. At Tops, we prioritise environmental education, inspiring children to become stewards of the planet through engaging activities and discussions.

Let’s Go Zero partners with organisations that share its values and ambitions for a cleaner, greener future. Moreover, from Green Future Investments Limited (GFIL) to IKEA and OVO Foundation, these partnerships are driving meaningful change and accelerating the decarbonisation of UK schools.

Join The Climate Action Countdown!

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Are you ready to make a difference? Sign up your child’s school for the Let’s Go Zero campaign and become part of the movement for change. Together, we can empower schools to lead the way in sustainability, inspire future generations, and create a brighter, greener future for all. Join Let’s Go Zero and be part of the solution today!

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