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From the time children are born until they are about 12 years old, parents usually foot the bill for day-care. The early years, from birth to age 5, are the most expensive in terms of childcare costs. The workplace nursery benefits help parents save.

What is the workplace nursery benefit?

The Enjoy benefits workplace nursery provision assists parents in saving the Tax and NI on their full nursery fees, allowing thousands of pounds in savings from birth up to the age of 5 (or when the child goes to school). Enjoy Benefits has been offering the workplace nursery benefit since 2002. The benefit is based on legislation that came into effect in 1988 – ICTA Section 155A. Compared to the childcare voucher benefit or the government’s new tax-free daycare programme, the workplace nursery benefit allows for much higher amounts of savings.

How does the workplace nursery benefit work?

The company you work for can offer you this benefit at no extra cost to the business. This scheme saves money for you so it gives you the choice to choose a nursery that works for you in terms of style, location, and cost because this will be taken out of your gross salary.

For example, the workplace nursery benefit will save a parent paying basic rate tax with nursery costs of £1300 per month, £3937 annually. The benefits are much more evident for higher-rate taxpayers, who will save $5684 a year with nursery fees of £1300.

Requirements for the Enjoy benefits nursery scheme 

  • The employer must contribute to the maintenance and operation of the nursery. The childcare receives £100 each month, or £1200 annually. (This is paid for out of the employers’ National Insurance savings).
  • The partnered nursery’s additional funding from the employer must go towards maintaining and operating the nursery.
  • Enjoy Benefits obtains copies of the receipts for this authorized spending and sends them to the business for its records.

Calculate how much you can save

As a parent, you can easily see how much you can save with the Enjoy benefits nursery scheme by using this savings calculator here – Workplace Nursery Savings Calculator – Workplace Nursery (workplace-nursery.net)

How to get started with enjoy benefits 

Kindly send an email to lisa.roper@topsdaynurseries.co.uk to get started, for further information, and to answer any questions you may have.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the enjoy benefits nursery scheme

Q – How much do parents’ fees need to be to qualify? 

A – Fees must be a minimum of £650 per month to take advantage of the workplace nursery benefit

Q – The nursery fees vary each month; can we still use the scheme? 

A – Yes, the nursery will confirm the agreements’ fees before the start of the contract so as long as they know the correct amount to invoice for, if they vary, it isn’t a problem.

Q – How long is the agreement term? 

A – 12 months. Enjoy benefits would get in touch 2 months before the end of the contract to see if you and the nursey are happy to renew the agreement each time until the child leaves for school/turns 5 years old.

At Tops, we understand that there’s a cost of living crisis and we aim to make caring for children as convenient as possible so we are partnering with Enjoy benefits, parents that have their children in any of our nurseries can have access to Enjoy benefits. 

Kindly send an email to lisa.roper@topsdaynurseries.co.uk to get started, for further information, and to answer any questions you may have.

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