Tops Day Nurseries develop children’s curiosity with visits from exotic animals


Working in nurseries is all about creating a fun learning environment to stimulate children’s learning and development. Baby Grows Day Nursery recently had a visit from the ZooLab rangers and the animals gained the immediate interest of the children, exciting their curiosity and covering many subject areas within the national curriculum.

“Our work in schools is highly curriculum-driven, delivering educational experiences across all subjects and explaining the concepts of science in ways that children can see and touch.” – ZooLab

The children were taught about the animals they saw, including a snake, stick insect, an African snail and a bearded dragon. The children were allowed to touch and hold the animals and were shown how to handle them properly, what they eat and where they live.

Tops Winchester have also previously had visits from the ZooLab, again learning about the animals they saw. The children discussed the feel of the animals and the sounds they make.

Tops Newport had a visit from some furry friends from the Isle of Wight College, guinea pigs! The children were able to listen to the guinea pigs heartbeats through a stethoscope and hold them very carefully on their lap.

The children really enjoy having visits from all different animals and some of the nurseries are lucky enough to have their very own pets at the nursery! Baby Grows Day Nursery has a large fish tank, the children are able to watch them swim and discuss how the look and talk about how they breathe underwater. Tops Corfe Mullen have their own guinea pigs purchased by the Mini Beasts Children, to find out more about nursery pets, please click here.

If you would like more information about ZooLab, please click here. To find your local Tops Day Nursery or to contact one of our settings, please click here.

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