Exploring the great outdoors at Tops Wareham

From the 18th-22nd April, Tops Day Nurseries took part in the NDNA’s Healthy Body Happy Me Week. On Thursday 21st April, Tops Wareham celebrated the theme ‘The Great Outdoors’ by organising a range of activities for the children to enjoy.

Pre-school children from Tops Wareham have weekly outings to Wareham forest as part of the Tops Forest School programme run by Tops Day Nurseries. The children were able to explore and create a den using twigs, sticks and branches that they found on the forest floor. They also created a camp fire to sit by and have a picnic lunch.

Meanwhile, Investigators took part in a plant pot challenge. The children have planted sunflower seeds and will be watching them grow over the coming weeks. The children will be measuring them to see which sunflower is the tallest and which one is the smallest. They also experimented with different growing conditions by placing a seed in the shaded area of the garden and one in the sunniest spot to see what effect it will have on the sunflower seeds.

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